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Eternal Lands: We are preparing for the update, pretty much everything is done except for some alst moment changes, testing, and the update itself.
Hopefully, next weekend we will start the pre update tests so that by the end of January it will be done. We have a lot of new items, but have decided not to introduce them all at once but maybe 2-3/week.

My new project.

Here is a new screenshot (the buttons change their colors if the mouse is over them, but for the time being they do not do anything else).

Now, they are implemented in a very messy way (each button indidividually, rather than an array of buttons and states and stuff). In the end though, there are only ~15 buttons (not all are done yet), and most of them ar eimplemented already, so wtf, I am making a game, not an engine.

The buttons are made by me, I found a cool program (which is free) called "Buttonz". So I made the buttons and my wife placed them in a single texture for me.
The color change is done the OpenGL way, I do not have a different set of buttons (the time buttons do have an alternate state of buttons though).

Since no one seems to be interested in helping me with the 2d art (no response to my thread in the Help Wanted forum), I guess I have to bugg my wife every once in a while to do this or that for me :)

P.S. Some of the buttons will change, both their location and caption.
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On an Eternal Lands related note:
"Reviews - Blender 2.4, Quake 4, Eternal Lands, Cedega 5, KDE 3.5, spreadsheets, books..."

Quote from the highlights section of the LinuxFormat website, released January 10th. You're right up there with Quake now.

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crusadingknight: Do you have that magazine? If so, can you scan that page and mail it to me?

Ravuya: Wow, nice! When was that?

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Unfortunately, no LinuxFormat in Nova Scotia. I'm just subscribed to the newsletter there, so no dice on the page scan.

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