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So, friday came and went and no gp2x [sad]
I've emailed them to see if I can get an update on my order status, I'm not too fussed about waiting, but it would be nice to know.
Depending on how its going to be sent it could turn up saturday, however I know from bitter experiance that Parcel Force dont delivier saturdays so if its via them and it is on route I wont see it before monday anyways.

This isnt as bad as it could be however, as I've got a database management assignment I have to demo monday and I need to finish it off (should have been last monday but in keeping with mondays dishonest theme I faked illness and avoided it for a week). Shouldnt take too long and I'll be doing it saturday and sunday, I'm not too fussed about getting a high grade as databases bore the crap out of me [grin]

I've also decided that I'm going to leave it another year before I get a new gfx card. After my WinXPx64 reinstall everything is now running smoothly (just spent the last few hours playing DoD:Source so even that has stopped crashing) and I cant justify the cost when my X800XT PE is still going strong.
Next year we might well be into the refresh of the first D3D10 capible gfx cards so depending on what OpenGL extensions appear between now and then I might get one.

Ofcourse, this does depend somewhat on what I do for my 3rd year project, if I do something which means I can justify the cost to myself of getting a first generation D3D10 card then I might towards the end of the year, however I think my main focus for that is going to be concurrent processing not the gfx angle, for a simple 2D engine/game what I've got would be fine.

Between now and then, I'll focus on the GP2x instead, having looked over the hardware specs I can see some intresting posibilities, I need to investigate the 2nd CPU core a bit more as well. Hopefully I can get to grips with it pretty quickly and Evolutional and myself can work together on some quality project or the other [grin]
I do need to dig my old assembler notes from the M68K from the loft, while it cant be translated directly to ARM code some of the priniples will remain the same and I've got some pretty swish code in there (like the MOD replay code which could replay a 4 channel mod at 50Khz on an 8Mhz STe [grin], the sound mixing code should be worth a look at the very least...) and that should be worth a look to adapt and port.

So, hopefully next week the fun can begin [grin]
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