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A barrage of Darcy pictures... as promised!

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Well, I had to get some pics up again, since the last one is pretty old. Here we have a collection of 9 pictures taken over the past 3 months. But before I flood the screen with pictures, I should get some actual Developer Notes off my chest first.

I have been running through writing the SRS (Software Requirements Specification for those of you without formal education) for the Game Demo to fully flesh out exactly what I want to achieve from the project (ie, employment in Game Development) and exactly what I require it to do (mainly in terms of a testbed for AI theory).

So, as anybody who has been through the documentation stage numerous times will know, my eyes hurt and my brain is numbed by the sheer boredom of doing so... but seeing as this usually leads to a more productive project I guess the fun is balanced all round.

Now for those pictures I promised:
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This is one smart puppy... he can fetch and return a ball already (but it has to be a small ball so that he can carry it, or it has to be a fluffy tennis ball so he can pick it up by the fur [wink])

He isn't so good at coming when called, but does know how to sit, beg, and is an excellent escape artist. So far I have to keep modifying his enclosure so that he can't escape. Usually it takes one to two days before he finds another way out :P This is in a room with a barrier across the door. The funniest thing I saw was when he jumped up and grabbed onto the top of the gate that was blocking the door. He hung on peering over the top with emploring eyes before dropping back into the enclosure... That was a good 80cm off the ground, which is a reasonable leap for the little guy.

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Aww he is just such a cute puppy, thanks for putting up more pictures of him! Btw my girlfriend hates you for putting up pictures of him as I'm now bugging her so we can get another Jack Russell. Dammnit I want an army of Terrier minions [evil].

On the professional side, what sort of AI are you thinking of doing? I just got into it myself and it's a really interesting area of study for sure.

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The AI that I would like to be testing is mostly from the previous NPCAI and IOL projects. They were started around 5 years ago, and ended around 5 years ago due to time constraints of those involved.

Do a search for it (I think it exists in Yahoo Groups)

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