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Life is always in the way of coding!

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Hi everyone,

I thought it might be an idea to add another post to my journal. Since last time i've moved to Pinner in North-west London, and continued work on my game engine without internet access. (grr)

I have written a very pretty and useful quake style console for the KEngine, I can link pretty much any function to a console command with in minutes so i'm quite pleased with it considering I was working with no resources. I've nearly finished static model loading (*.obj files) and will soon add animated md2 and ms3d model loading, when I have time.

If anyone know of ANY jobs in London please let me know, my contract runs out on Friday and then im jobless :( Any offers considered ;)

As soon as I have a new job i'm going to get the internet installed and (hopefully) then i'll have a version of the KEngine ready for testing.


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