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Flying blind on a rocket cycle...

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Here is just the regular 2D TicTacToe game. It's just more C++ practice for me. This time I was just trying out vectors a little. There is no AI with the Computer player. I know, lame, but you are free to use these to try some AI if you wish. I'll probably be concentrating on classes and polymorphism next.

Other than that pretty much a nice day today. I hope everyone else is having a nice weekend.

Man, I really want to jump into the OpenGL again, but I believe this approach will be better in the long run.

Short Term Goals:
1. Practice C++ until I feel comfortable with some goodies from STL and OOP design.
2. Make a OpenGL version of TicTacToe and TicTacToe3D by end of February.
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Thanks, it's a slow and methodical path I am choosing. Building a library of tools I can use and understanding why I had problems with making games in the past. Since I wasn't a CS student, I haven't had much exposure to C++. I dabbled, now it's time to focus and understand. I need a sturdy foundation then I can consider making some cool applications. But while I do this, there's no reason I can't have a little fun along the way.

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It might be better to implement this kind of board entry codes:


Then you'd have the numbers matched up with the numpad. Much easier to use, in my opinion.

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