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Oh, gads. Today reminded me why I love writing games. It's only a small step, but damn it feels good. I'll show you in a moment. :)

Today I beefed the heck out of the movement prediction algorithm, and I think that anyone who tested v0.02 with the old algo can testify that it's vast step up. Now the delay in a player reaching a point locally and on another player's screen is negligable ( < ~50ms), and the turns/slides are way smoother. It took a number of hours of work, but it's in. Phew. :D

And y'know, some small stuff like message types (global chat, team chat, announcement, etc). I also rewrote object collisions, but somehow people STILL manage to get stuck. Doh!

The Beef

Okay, okay. Why did I call you all here into my cozy little blog? Managed to get a bunch of people in for some nice, tasty, wholesome testing. Sure you can only run around, but darn was it fun!

Started off with a few of us:


Then we got a couple more. But since we're all masters of the shadows, I bet you can't even see us:

(Empty screen; nobody around? ;))

The Hard Part

People are really hard to organize. It took us 5 minutes (I jest not!) to organize this screenshot in game. Gads. :P

(Say cheese!)

This felt great. The rush of writing a game and watching people come on, meet eachother, and interact, all in your little constructed world. Oh yeeeaah.

Also: special thanks to everyone who tested. Even our very own ShoeString Games stopped in to get in the action. Thanks! Plenty more to come!
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