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A PopUp Menu!!

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Sir Sapo


Hey everyone!

I don't have any new art for you guys today, Mark has been "busy", and therefore unable to work on the game, although he has drawn up the skeleton of a super carrier, and he's gone through a couple of iterations of the fighters the carrier launches, but they aren't done yet.

So until Mark and I can meet and work out the gameplay details somemore, I'm stuck writing "handy" functions and crap that I probably will never use in the game. The one good thing to come out of my boredom however, was a pop-up menu system I wrote. I'm not sure if this is going to be how the player interacts with his ships, but i figured it would be handy to have, so I coded one up. The only downside is that each button has to be an actual image (I haven't set up text rendering yet). This is sorta annoying, but I don't think it's going to be that big of a deal, we shouldn't need more than 10 buttons for all the ship's actions, and that can be fit on a 512x512 texture sheet. Anyways, I threw together some test buttons, and tossed the system into my test level (which is getting a little crowded).

Anyways, I'll try and get some new pixel art for you guys soon (you can only look at programmer art for so long....)
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You've probably mentioned it somewhere, but I'm curious, what platform is your game for?

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Looks like the strategy game I was working on a while back, except better. Can't wait to see the screenshots with the new artwork, although for programmer art it doesn't look bad.

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@VisualLR : It's just PC for now, but I'm trying to avoid using any platform specific stuff, so I may port it to Mac or *nix after I finish the PC version

@Stompy : Yeah, with my programmer art in there it looks a lot like Invasion!

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