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Well friday the 13th has come and gone and I have survived quite well. This day out of all dates is one I would have not chosen to schedule a demo presentation and investor meeting on but one of my side contractors did just that. I have to admit my personal stress level was a little high then but it is slowly coming back down and it will soon be well within the normal acceptable range. So with all of the current events I have decided to take a little rest and relaxtion from hardcore research and development and vegetate a bit on vegetation. Thus far the planets have been relatively bare of detail objects on the close ground level and because we need this detail anyway I chose to work on this to keep productive while I take a break from the other brain draining chaotic systems. The current plans have this detail vegetation system to go from weeds, flowers, and other small ground coverage to full trees and forests taking full advantage of the already available climate data. The only real question I have for myself is whether or not I should go the extra step and take soil types into consideration.
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Some delicious treats can be found underneath Mother Earth's foundation layer. Radish, potatoes, and other unusual lifeforms breed safely in this protective crust. Take a bite out of these, and heaven awaits. Beware though, not all is what it seems. For there lurks others that would take what you so longingly crave. [/no_tinfoil_hat]

Anyway, take a break. I need one too as you can see.

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