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Ok, now let me explain... hehe

I've kept working on my mobile stuff which I've codenamed sgeMobile. I've done some pretty good progress in very little time, and for that I'm pretty happy. Although I haven't gotten to the 3D part yet, I'm getting closer.

On the screenshot you see a few things, the number way up top is the framerate, 52fps... if I remove the window on the bottom right which is just a dialog (or the first iteration of one) it shoots up to 70, so I gotta look into that, but I'm not too worried, since the 3D and 2D stuff will remain somewhat isolated from each other, except for a few HUD elements.

The text stuff is pretty cool, I wrote a small tool that allows you to convert any windows font into a compatible format that sgeMobile uses and renders it exactly as it should be rendered once in the game.

I think I mentioned it, but the two sprites you see, Link and a Delorean are both animated, just looping over 4 or 5 frames.

Finally the blue box there is a button in an unpressed state.

So, that's pretty much it, that I can show at least, I also have all the framework setup to receive stylus input, buttons, detect memory leaks and all that fun stuff.

Oh, the sprites, I downloaded from somewhere on the net (search google images for sprites) and I'm only using for testing, they have nothing to do with the game... at all. I'd credit the authors, but I forgot to write that down... oops.

For reference, this is running on PocketPC 2002, the screenshots were grabbed directly from the hardware, not an emulator =)
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