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Surfing the web on the PSP is pretty interesting. Complex sites such as, well, GameDev and GameSpot don't seem to work too well, but the simple ones seem to work.

What's important is if I can go to GameFaqs on the PSP. That means that if I get stuck in a PSP game I don't even have to get up to find a walkthrough for the game. Score one for technology and laziness[grin]

Also for the PSP, remakes of the origional Mega Man and Mega Man X.

Capcom obviously did this because they know people like me will want it. You know, people who can't resist remakes of old games. I almost bought the Namco collection because it had enchanced graphics for the games. But luckily I didn't, because the only game I would care about is Galaga, and I'm not paying $30 dollars to play Galaga again. Mega Man however, I just might.
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