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Radial Goodnes

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Radial Menus are almost complete, curently rendering and traversing works, next stop, getting the buttons to do somthing, this will be done first and foremost via boost::bind, higher level subclasses will be made for other specific functionality.

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That's very nice. I think it looks better with the icon in the middle of the circle. I can get a feel of how this will work now; I take it you centralise the selected icon when opening up the next menu?

The ten circles for the volume might be a bit too much though; that circle is pretty large.

Have you drawn each of those "bottle cap" menu item circles separately, as they seem subtly different for each menu item?

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If I click on a button, is the menu replaced by its sub-menu? If so, how do I return back? How do these menus fit together?

They look freakin awesome, by the by.

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yup there are a few different 'bottle cap' icon bases

when you select an item, if it has children

that item becomes the central node and it's children fan out

clicking the central node steps you back one, to the menu you were previously in.

steping back on the root note causes the menu to close.

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it means im stupid and forgot to update the - to a x

thanks washu =D

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