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Check your opinions at the door please :)

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After deciding on an artist (newb, learning the ropes :) ) im wondering what style you think looks better, based on the old look and this:

The ball and chain is speed down, the yellow potion is speed up, and the chicken leg is health. Please let me know which you prefur, before we go ahead and make some more. (dont tend to get alot of comments on these here journals)

As alot of people have been asking, I present to you a list of the features that TimeKilla will be having:

One Player Mode (against AI):
- Survival mode: Try and get as many kills as possable before dieing. This is where you can unlock different power-ups/maps/characters to use while playing.
- Death Match: Fight to the death. Customize gameplay by using unlocked powerups, maps, and characters.
Two Player Mode:
- Death Match: Choose an ammount of kills to play to. Customize gameplay with unlock features.
- Unique artwork created by Mark Bricault
- Custom soundtrack made by fellow GameDev member Antisheep
- Multiple characters to play as
- Sword user (close quarter combat)
- Archer (ranged combat)
- Multiple powerups
- Regain health
- Slow enemy movement
- Speed up player movement
- Paralize enemy
- Attack power up
- Defence power up
- Multiple maps each with unique theme and music
- Grassy combat
- Island combat
- Forest combat
- Snow combat
- Desert comabt

Coming soon: Updated tech demo used to test sound/powerups
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Recommended Comments

I don't anyone will ever take the Speed-Down powerup voluntarily. :)

Perhaps negative powerups are magnetically attracted towards the armour of the knights and moves towards them to make it easier to accidently grab one?

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No the speed down powerup is use to slow the movement of your enemy, so you can beat him to a potion, catch up to him and kill him, get the final attack in, etc... Its not for use on yourself, lol.

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I quite like the new tiles, I think I prefer them over the old ones. I don't particularly like the vertical bridge tiles though, and you can quite easily see the tiling, particularly on the ground tiles.

I'd say the water tiles are definately an improvement.
The powerups look fine.

The beach tiles around the edges seem to stand out a bit much as well, I think the colour chosen is perhaps just a bit dark.

Overall I think it's an improvement though.

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Yes, the bridge hasnt actuially been made yet, it was just placed verticle so that we could test out the new design of the island map. The power-ups,sand edges, and bridges will be worked on tonight, hopefully a draft of the archer also.

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