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Finally working on stuff again (for now)

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So now that schools about to start up again of course I finally started work on my own projects again, that way I can just be getting into them as I have no time anymore.

A couple of my friends came over yesterday and we had a little programming party, which are usually really fun. It's a great way to get a little motivation to actually work on something, and you get to see the progress your friends are making too.

If you've read any of the rest of my journal you might know that I'm working on a very simple graphics library called SnakeEngine. I was basically done with Garter (the first version) when I made Squarediana Jones for Ravuya's 1W1B2 contest. This was extremely simple and limited, but a good learning experience since I'm pretty new to OpenGL. With it, all I had time to get working for a background was a bunch of dots. Pretty boring. But now I'm working on the second version: Ringneck. I've cleaned up a bunch of the organization and added some more things I can do with the textures, like scaling the objects as well as scale the texture seperately. Hey, I said it was pretty basic right? So this allows me to easily tile the texture, but I really don't have any idea if that's the best way to go about doing that or not, but for now it seems to work.

So here's an example of Squarediana Jones with a real background and some other stuff:

The background texture was made by scribbling and then getting out of hand with Gimp's filters, and then adding some other stuff. It won't be in the real version of the game. I also have a metroid spinning around back there for no real reason.

That's where I am with that now, not a huge amount of progress but it looks better than it did. As I mentioned school's starting up soon (Tuesday), so I'm not sure how progress will progress after that. My goal was to get through all the core tedius stuff, so that I'll be more motivated and able to work on it in smaller chunks more often. I still have a lot of work left though.
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Whoa. That's pretty obnoxious. I'd mute the colours a bit and do some "wear and tear" with the dodge and burn tool to show age.

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Heh yeah, like I said I'm not actually going to use it (for this game anyway). You should have seen it when I had it rotating around, as if it didn't make it hard enough to see the treasure's as it is.

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That reminds me of my first OpenGL tile engine, which rotated every tile, UI element, font and camera viewpoint. I almost vomited.

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