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University is...

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...being invited over to a friend's room at another college at ten to midnight to watch Spartacus, and taking him up on it, even though my first lecture of term is at 9am. 4:15am now. Reckon I'll make it?

Edit: I made it.
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So, you might have made it - but...

1. Did you stay awake for the whole lecture?

2. Do you remember any of what was taught in said lecture?

Getting to lectures after a late night wasn't so much the problem - it was surviving them once I was sat down...

I quickly realised that if I did turn up and was half dead or asleep that I wouldn't learn anything, thus I may as well have stayed in bed for an extra couple of hours [smile]


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1. Yes, and I even survived the lecture an hour afterwards on linear algebra.

2. Yup. First DS&A lecture, in which we looked at the weighted coin problem, and the way in which the number of coins weighed at each step get picked such that the number of outcomes reduces in a predictable way.

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