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Gang War Progress

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I have the master server online. It serves as a global matchmaker for Gang War games online. There is just one more thing I have to add to it before it's finished...a little bit better handling of dropped clients/servers. Also maybe a "purge" of all connections ever few minutes to ensure there are no errorneous connections.

The master server's IP address is resolved by downloading a .html document from my Radioactive-Software.com website. The .html document containts a IP address among other things (Message of the day, etc.) The Client then recieves a list of active servers and pings them all.

A game server always stays in touch with the Master Server every few seconds updating the game's status (# of players, state, current map, gameplay mode, server name, etc.). Everything is rock solid, and I'm very happy with the way it's working out.

I've got 3 Gang War servers up and running right now..though I'm the only one with the game...so nobody can play with me yet :-( Hopefully that will change soon. The game servers and master server are being hosted on a deticated T1 line, so they should be able to handle all the clients.

Each game server can host 6 connected players, so I'm only setup for 18 players online at once...hopefully poeple will just run their own server in the background if they want to play. Though it might require them to open some ports on their firewall...hopefully I can get around that by using a NAT punch through, via the Master Server.

I'm also adding the conversation system, and a radial action menu for interaction with NPCs, and in-game entities. I'm quite fond of the one they have in Star Wars Galaxies...mine will be slightly inspired by that. More to come on that later.

Tons of work gettin' done on the game...here's some screenshots:
//I thought this image looked cool...

//Cop & Car

//Me chillin in an empty server...fun stuff.

//Yup...me and myself are playing a rousing game of Gang War!

//Early speech bubbles for in-game conversation...example dialog:
// Pssst...wanna buy some dope?
// Sure...lay it on me!
// *Play CashRegister.wav*
// *Remove 10 units of grass from your inventory*
// *Add $100 into your inventory*

//A little picture of the "Speedster"

More progress soon...

- Dan
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I keep imagining an angry mobster yelling at me that text should be inserted. I am never going to be able to get to sleep now.

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This game looks so cool, you are a really talented guy!
In my life I visited only two big US cities (New York and Philadelphia), and from the screenshots it looks New York like (at least the parts I visited).
I can't wait to play this game :)

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I love the fact that you are using over the head speech bubbles. Since playing UO with overhead speech I've found it very hard to get used to other MMORPGs as the chat feels so disconnected. This definately a personal preference thing though ;)

Very impressive how quickly you are getting through the work, one day I will have your motivation :D

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Woohoo, great news. :-)

Will there be singleplayer or listen server support in the beta? At least some kind of performance testing thing without having to connect to a server.

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I agree that the speech bubbles are really nice. Combined with all the slightly bright colours in those screenshots, like the clear blue skies and the slightly cartoonish character models it gives the game a really fun look.

I keep getting more impressed every time I visit your journal. I think it's amazing that while I'm not a big fan of the "3D crime in a city" genre (not really sure what to call it), I still really want to try out your game. Keep up the great work!

One quick question: will there still be single player, or is this game now multiplayer only?

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Guest Anonymous Poster


Could You Possibly Tell Me What The Game Website is That You Made :D PLease E-Mail Me On dannyroberts_06@hotmail.co.uk ....Thanks!!

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Guest Anonymous Poster


Could You Possibly Tell Me What The Game Website is That You Made :D PLease E-Mail Me On dannyroberts_06@hotmail.co.uk ....Thanks!!

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