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A brief update

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So, first exam is finished. It could have been a lot better (damn them for actually writing a different paper this year [flaming]) but I don't think I've failed - which is nice.

Got a preview version of my HDRPipeline sample through today - everything looks in order to me, so you should see an updated version in the February 2006 DirectX SDK.

I also got hold of January's Develop Magazine (Free PDF Download). It's always full of interesting content, but this one was a bit of a teaser - three interesting articles that failed to go anywhere. I was quite disappointed about that - understandably the space is limited, but something more than was printed would've been nice [headshake]

Emerging Techniques For Fifth Generation Games by David Braben looked facinating at first glance. He simply states that what is "high end" now in the 4th gen is going to be baseline in the 5th and that the new technology will be best served by pushing more freedom/tools/whatever to the artists so as to allow them to do amazing things.

Back-To-Front Development by Steven Goodwin had potential - but pretty much reiterated what you can find in any number of "best practices" articles/books. It was a shame as the basic premise was an interesting one - if it had been more focused on covering that initial assertion it would've been much better.

Smells Like Team-Spirit by Andrew Eades was just an extended advert - a vehicle to state how Relentless studio's produce excellent quality code and haven't missed a milestone in 2 years. I was honestly left wondering why or how that article got in to Develop. The one crumb of take-away information was about transforming the discipline and professionalism of a games studio - we're here to make games, not play games.

Regardless of those few articles, you should still grab the digital version - Develop is a great magazine [grin]
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