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Gutter fixing

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In relation to my previous entry regarding solving bilinear filtering errors I wrote up an automated fixer function. After testing my algorithm via manually creating the source art I knew it worked - but also knew how tedious it was [smile]

Thus, I can now take a grid (as well as row or column) such as:

and it'll fill in the gaps by computing what the neighbouring texel should actually be:

It looks a bit odd/wrong, but it does actually work. The engine code is designed to address the 30x30 pixel areas that you can clearly see in the first image - but the border texels actually need to wrap around and address the opposite edge/corner.

The algorithm I made quite simply copies the opposite pixels across. The top edge is a copy of the bottom edge, the top-left corner is a copy of the bottom-right corner etc..

I'm going to go have a stab at getting it to stream properties from an XML file via TinyXML. With that done the tileset loading should be sorted - yay!

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