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Wheres that digital clock?

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So last Friday I went for the final round assessment for Fujitsu Services' graduate program. I was pretty damn sure I completely screwed up the interview - I've done enough to know that I should have done better. I'm not hugely superstitious but it was Friday 13th which I thought was funny.

Anyway, about 30mins ago they phoned me up and offered me a job. Yay me.

So I have roughly 24hrs to get back to them and let them know if I want to accept the offer.

Where's one of those 24-style countdown clocks when you need one?

The facts:
  • Reasonable starting salary - nothing special, but nothing bad either.
  • Lots of other grads taken on, 100 in total
  • 18 month graduate-specific training scheme (seems they really look after their grads)
  • Working in 'Systems Integration' with the liklihood of being very client facing.
  • Highly technical role - .Net and j2ee by the sounds of it.
  • Travelling is likely... spending weeks/months on client sites and so on.

    Now, my problem is that this is the first offer I've had for a graduate position... and i'm rubbish at deciding these sorts of things if theres the potential for more offers around the corner.

    Oh well, back to revision for now. Any thoughts?
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    Working on business and enterprise applications is different (I'm guessing that's what you'd do at Fujitsu..). So make sure you won't get bored with your life and commit suicide before you go, cause otherwise I'd run out of people to hang out with on MSN.

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    Would it be possible to say yes, but if you do get any better offers, back out?

    Possibly... but that always gets a little bit risky/messy.

    The downside to that is that it takes a surprisingly large amount of time to research and apply for jobs - including travelling around the country for interviews (etc..). Accepting this one means it's out of the way and I can just get on with other stuff instead.

    Working on business and enterprise applications is different (I'm guessing that's what you'd do at Fujitsu..).
    Yup, it'd be something like that - it's in the "Systems Integration" department.

    On the plus-side, it might not exactly "push my buttons" from a technical standpoint, but it'd hopefully not burn me out. Working on multimedia/games 9am-6pm every day could easily destroy my own personal interest in such things [oh]

    I think I'm going to send of the acceptance email in a bit. Having thought about it for a while, I can't really fault the offer [smile]

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