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sgeMobile 3D!

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Screenshots! - no comments all day... I'm sad

Here it is, the first software rasterized, 3D rendering of a textured rotating quad in sgeMobile!

As you can see, it's very inaccurate, and not awfully fast either, but it's quite a start and I'm very pleased.

I can't really take all the credit for the rasterizer, I'm using the affine texture mapped rasterizer from www.fluidstudios.com which worked really well, at least as a starting point, now I'm going to research a bit more about the subject and try to write a faster, more accurate one myself, otherwise, I learn nothing.. hehe

Additionally, my friend has been working on a 3D rasterizer parallel to my more general game library efforts, here's a screenshot of what he's got so far, in all honesty, I think his results are far more accurate, but he doesn't have texture mapping in there yet, so it's hard to compare, here's a screenshot:

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