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Slowly but steadily...

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I am still making progress on the Scene Graph Engine. I have a base class "SceneNode" as well as a derived GeometryNode class so far. The way I have the geometry class set up with a "Model" object, which is a fairly simple class containing a pointer to the mesh and texture data. It still seems really messy (though it does work), so I may try to clean that up a bit.

I also implemented an extremely basic resource manager. All it does is load the mesh/texture data from an X-file file and store it in a map of resources. When the resource manager goes out of scope, it iterates through all the resources and destroys them.

The interface is not very user friendly (You basically have to deal with all the node pointers and such). After I get a bit more functionality, I will probably try to add another level of abstraction to make it a bit more user-friendly.
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