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I think I'm on the verge of burnout. Been working my buns off on Skirmish Online*, and now I'm losing the willpower to keep up work on it. I'm thinking of either taking on another side project, or doing a programming break altogether.

* Yes, we decided to go with "Skirmish Online". Partly because I had already bought the domain, and partly because it's vague enough that I can change the game around without worry. ;)

Anyways, I did implement a couple of bug fixes tonight, as well as strafing, and the beginnings of the HUD:

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That looks really great. Keep it up.

The gun graphic reminds me of bionic commando for some reason...[smile]

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Damn dude, that looks like a lot of fun. Nice to see finally what your "mystery project" is :D Keep it up!!

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