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I am a genius.

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I have never been happy with the design of BetterMUD. I feel like I failed miserably when I created the event notification and permissions system... it just wasn't pretty.

I've been thinking about the design for 2.5 years though, and nothing has ever caught my eye as a better solution... until now.

It hit me the other day. It's absolutely brilliant. It took me 2.5 years but I finally figured out a system that actually makes sense!!!

Maybe now I'll be inspired to finish BetterMUD 2.0.


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Recommended Comments

Okay, but change the name.

MUD = 1970's
MMORPG = 2000's and BEYOND!

They're the same damn thing, just with different names.

So RIP BetterMUD. Long live BetterMMORPG!

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Maybe I should make it even MORE futuristic.

And call it...



That's actually kinda catchy.

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"The best way to learn a subject is to write a book about it."
- I forgot the author's name already

P.S. What happened to MargarineMUD? I can't believe it's not better!!

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