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Today I recieved an IM from someone claiming that I had stolen there idea of a "king based pong game". He also claims to have sent me a design document, from which I stole his idea, its quite ammusing, lol.


lemonlimeskull: You're basically saying: "A Yellow ball travels through a maze eating skeletons. It's not Pacman because they're skeletons, not ghosts."
Shoestringgames: my game is yours because the gameplay is similar to pong, and the players are knights
Shoestringgames: thats what makes my game yours. Thats like saying that any shooting free style gameplay is GTA

I am now being threatened by legal action to not make a game that I have designed because its similar to an idea this man has created.
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Somebody once emailed me saying he or she had trademarked several "sphere" games and that I had no right to own the website spheregames.com.. threatened legal action and all... I just shrugged it off.

There's no grounds for any kind of legal action there, just block him from your IM and keep working on your game =)

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Heres the story, A while ago I was a member of this guys forums. He posted a picture about two years ago of some medievel looking people for a game he called Pongeth. After I sat here and designed this game from the ground up for about two months I asked him if he wanted to be the artist, since I already knew he could produce something similar to my idea, since the picture proved he could. Once I asked him he told me that I got a design document from his forums or a friend of his and stole his ideas exactly. Is this guy nuts or something?

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His accusation and evidence is paper-thin. Don't worry; this fellow can't touch you legally.

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Oh I know he doesent stand a chance. It just worries me that im going to spend my time making a game and hes going to try and stop me at every point of its development. Not only that but I cant afford a lawyer.

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Chances are he can't afford a lawyer also. Just say screw it and move ahead. Since he's idiot enough to let people on his forums concerning his project and not require an NDA or non-compete, he's an indie idiot! Not that all indies are idiots, but some are! :)

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