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I've done it

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I've coded myself stupid. I've been coding so much these past few days, on several different projects that I've managed to become stupid.

Actually, I'm just experiencing a little bit of burnout, I hardly slept at all last night.. some people stay up worrying about their finances, their love life, family problems... me, I stay up worrying about whether I should try a different rasterizing approach in the morning or if I should figure out how to create a DataSet from an XML schema, or if perhaps I should continue with the 2D stuff on sgeMobile since some of it is 50% complete...

All this thinking about that kept me up, so today everytime I've tried to do any coding my mind just goes bzzzzzz...beep...access denied - systems disabled pending system reboot...beep...bzzz...

Or like those computers in fallout "You press a few keys on the keyboard, but fail to learn anything from this terminal"...

Anyway, I gotta get up somewhat early tomorrow, so I plan on going to bed at a reasonable time (like all the 'real' humans), so I should feel better tomorrow and be productive again.

Maybe I'll watch TV... I haven't done that in at least a week... I've forgotten what it's like.
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I can empathize on the burnout side of things. I thought that I was shot for at least a week on my project, but instead the next day I tackled a part of the project I'd enjoy implementing -- in this case, the player-listing window with names/ping -- and actually had a fun time doing it. As a result I felt more refreshed, and squashed a handful of bugs too, while I was at it.

So just either take a break by steping away from it all for a while, or take a break by implementing something that's just fun to code. :)

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