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I canceled my journal since I find myself spending less time here. I will reinitiate it however; I cant seem to let go of the site. If most kids were raised by television, I was raised by GDNET. From 14 to 20 I have visited the site. I grew up here, i found this site in 1999 looking to make an RPG. Back then the letters M, M , and O didnt exist so the in things were two 3 letter words (FPS and RPG) instead of the modern standard one 6 letter word: MMORPG. I found DirectX Tasy by Lamothe and John Hattan's tutorial on language. HAhaha. Good times. I still have the printouts in a box somewhere. I found this site through FGN or something from some site like maxcode.com or some similar. I was certain that DOS was better than windows and QB45 was the best language (this was 98-99 era!! so i was a bit behind the times hehe)..So yeah, I've decided to live here.

I think there should be Journal Wars. Those should be fun. For example, I declare war on NickGeorgia. For some weird reason I have found my way into intersections with AI topics. I do math but through studies into Formal Logic, Automated Theorem Proving, Fuzzy Logic and Sets I have found some common ground. For you see, I think the computational based method is not the only way to understand intelligence and the human brain: so I declare war on NickGeorgia on grounds that his beliefs are blasphemy upon mine ears. (actually not really but this is War!) I shall offer contrast and counterpoints such as Gestalt Theory and more in contrast to his Neural Networks and stuff. I think it is important to know that both approaches need one and the other since no one method is wholly correct but both camps choose to not communicate and acknowledge each other. *sigh*.

A tentative jab first: My greatest critique is that computational based AI assumes that what we perceive is what is and thus from begining has a non solid basis. Here is a link, The World in Your Head which has ideas similar to mine but less mathematically developed (I came up with mine independently, it is a coincidence which I choose to interpret as a sign that I found it at all) but Far more profound in the area of human cognition.
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I cant seem to let go of the site
So yeah, I've decided to live here.

That sounds somewhat familiar [grin]


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hehe.. war on little ole me? I didn't notice until now since I've been so busy at work. This shall be fun. hehe

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