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Eternal Lands: Right now the client developers are submiting the latest small patches that will enter in the update (in theory we were under a feature freeze, but as long as the patches are minor they are OK). Sunday, if everything is OK, we hsould have the update test running.
I was also talking lately with another former developer who licensed our engine last year, and he is still helping us with many things, including code sharing between our projects. Together with him and the client lead programmer we were talking about implementing missiles in the game. We can to the conclusion that the best option would be doing a 'ray tracing' collision detection, by tracing the path of the missile and see if it hits a 3d object box, in which case we do a polygonal collision detection check.
We thought of a new additional map format for the server (so far the server loads the client maps and a definition file for the map). This additional format will hold only the 3d objects that will have a collision flag (that is, solid objects such as tree, houses, etc.) while skipping the insignificant 3d objects such as small rocks, small bushes, etc.
We are not going to start implementing it until maybe April, and I will provide more details at that time.

My new project is going well, I changed the way the buttons are added, displayed and checked for the mouse clicks/overs.
Before each button had it's very own 9 global variables (x/y pos and len, and the start/end u and v + a variable to denote if the mouse is over it). It was a pain in the ass to add new buttons, and new buttons, and the code was looking very messy.
Now they are all in an array of a structure that looks like this:

typedef struct
int mouse_over;
int pressed;
int x_start;
int x_len;
int y_start;
int y_len;
float u_start;
float v_start;
float u_end;
float v_end;
int type;//dissregarded unless type==what_to_display;
void (*func)();


Tomorrow I hope I will add the "select location for the new base", for when you start the game. More details about it tomorrow.
And still no one to actually provide some art for me...
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How much have you finished gameplay regarding your side project? I loved the original X-Com, so I'll be following your progress closely[grin]

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Sir Sapo: The playability for now is 0, because I just started it a little over 2 weeks ago, as a side project, so I work maybe a few hours/day.
But watch my journal, I will post info about it almost every entry.

wackatronic: Our licensing strategy is very flexible, depending who is asking to license it. For example some previous developers that helped us get a very good deal (no down payment, etc.. The company that offered us hosting when the game was not even playable got a free localized license.
For the others, we can give them all kind of things big companies won't give you (flexible payment with no interest, no royalities, etc.)

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