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SRS'n along

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So I have started playing with SyncToy for synchronizing files across computers/folders (in particular to my USB key which gets utilized so much as a Ghost Boot Device that it is common for things to get totally screwed up). One little gripe I have with synctoy is that if you schedule it, I find that if I want it to run through a user account that is not logged on (ie, background uninteractive) it tends to fail out. If I schedule it to run through my logged on user account then it likes to take poll position on the screen.

Even after running it through a VBScript to run in the background hidden, or minimized it would also fail. Additionally I have been having problems running it on my old K6-2 333MHz (download machine/webserver/ftpserver) I keep getting JIT Debugger messages. Maybe its time to reinstall dotnetfx... the second :/

and now for a word from our sponsor ... Project Game Demo ...
As a minor update, I continue to write the SRS for my Game Demo. As everybody could have guessed I am doing a small Isometric style game with emphasis on the story driven engine I had been developing some time ago (wow, has it really been 3 years?)

As for SRS, I really have to say I dislike documentation writing, though it has already given me insight into what I hope to achieve that I hadn't previously thought through. Indeed Documentation does make things clearer in the form of requirements that the project must adhere to, and for each feature what outcomes are to be expected. This is a great guard against feature creep (and aren't we all a victim of that at some time or other?) [grin]
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