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Outstanding game deal

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Here's an unbeatable deal, especially if you have kids. It's one of those "Dance Dance Revolution" games, complete with dance pad, for ten bucks.

Step one: Go to the Kraft web site and order the Kraft dance pad ($9.95 shipped). It's a full size dance pad, similar to the ones you've seen in game stores.

Step two: Get StepMania. This is an open source "Dance Dance Revolution" knockoff. It has loads of downloadable visuals and songs and such. It's really a top-notch piece of software.

That's it. The Kraft pad is intended to be used with Shockwave dance games on the Kraft website, but Windows thinks it's a standard USB joystick, so it'll work with pretty-much anything. I verified this myself (I'm the "John" mentioned on the StepMania website).

It's a standard USB joystick, so I presume it'll also work with the OSX or Linux version. I can't verify that, though.

Have fun!
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I've had Stepmania on my modded xbox for a long time. (I've got two of the red octane ignition pads.) It's definitely good stuff.

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Guest Anonymous Poster



I actually just got my Kraft pad yesterday, looks like Windows recognizes the Up, Down, Left, and Right buttons as a Hat Switch... was unable to get the combinations of Up+Down or Left+Right to work. Were you able to get around this?

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Guest Anonymous Poster


Good find. I love you. ^_^


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