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Next up, things to shoot (part 2)

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I've completed adding bullets to the game. I didn't take a screenshot of it because all you would see is little lines everywhere. When I take the next screenshot, I'll make sure to be shooting.

If you're wondering why I put "part 2" in the title of this entry (which you probably aren't), it is the same line I wrote before I added enemies to the origional Stompy game. I thought it was a good line, so I put it as the title.

But back to the actual game. My next goal, as the title suggests, is to add enemies. I mentioned before that I was considering using a scripting language to write the enemies behavior. I've decided that this would actually be more of a hassle than it's worth for what I want to do.

Basically, I'm expanding on the enemy system I started to develop in Bob. I would have an abstract base class for all enemies, and I would derive all enemies from that base class.

This time, all enemies will be derived from a base class, which derives from the global enemy base class. The purpose of this is so that I can group the enemies by similar properties. For instance, some enemies will be set at a specified location and patrol the area, while others will pop out of nowhere and attack.

I have to tie all of these different enemies together with a base class so that I can manage them all using polymorphism. That will allow me to create alot of different types of enemies, and manage them without having to know the type of enemy that it actually is.

Don't you just love object-oriented programming[smile]
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