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In Loving Memory

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So it may seem like I dropped off of the face of the earth, but I am here to say that I didn't. I was trying to enjoy some of my winter break, when I wasn't being drug around by the girlfriend and attending all kinds of family functions over the holiday.

So, a bit late, but; I hope you had a great New Year celebration or you caught up with some good Z's.

Well. I'll talk more tomorrow, but this post is a tribute to one of the many pets that my girlfriend and I have. Animals are very comforting creatures to the human race and when a person feels like they have nobody, they can always turn around and find someone that will always be by your side and would be more than welcomed to some attention; regardless the pet.

A few weeks ago a couple of our rats had grown some sort of growth on their face and we debated back and forth whether or not to put them to sleep. I, personally, can not see putting an animal to sleep when they may have more life to live or more comfort to gain; that is if they are not showing any physical uncomfort.

Well, while one rat seems to be doing rather well these days, our other rat, madiline couldn't fight any longer and had to bail out early. While we tried to keep her up, and while she fought for every tick; it just wasn't meant to be. She felt like she was going last night, cold body, motionless. However, Megan comforted her, we fed her some last minute treats thinking that she was going to fail any moment. Well, It was getting late and we decided to wrap her up with a warm piece of cloth, and put a lamp over her to keep her warm. She made it until this morning for one final look at Megan and passed.

It truely sucks watching my girlfriends pet pass away. Seeing her hurt had a huge impact on myself. Madiline would have to be the first pet to be under my care (and my girlfriends) that passed away. So, for a brief moment, here I am to mark a day for Megan and I to look back on.

In Loving Memory

Madiline, The Late Royal Pinkness (To your Right)
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