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Things are starting to calm down

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After a very heated debate with the man claiming I stole his game idea, ive decided to continue development of codenamed KingPong (due to the fact that 1: I didnt steal the idea, and 2: He has no legal grounds to sue me/stop me for anything). There has been some bad news a coming my way as of recent.

Simon has officialy dropped working on codenamed KingPong. He was recently offered a job where they will be buying him a new house and relocating him out of his native country (UK). ShoeString Games wishes him the best of luck with his future.

How does this fare for KingPong? Unfortunatly its very sad that this project will be losing its strongest driving member(besides myself of course, heh), but development will continue on the project!

How continue working without an artist? I havent decided on that yet. My best guess is I will continue my search for an artist, while filling the game full of programmer's artwork. Either that or my good friend and roomate Mark Bricault will be taken on as the artist in ShoeString Games first commercial project.

How would that affect TimeKilla, since you will be giving that to Mark Bricault once development of KingPong starts? Im assuming that it would end at where its planned to end right now, and fade off into a distant dream.

There are a few problems of course with making Mark become the artist for KingPong. First, hes new to pixel art, and his work isnt of the quality I would like to have in KingPong. it would be easier, considering we live together and all, yet I dont know.

That brings me to what I like to do best with this journal, get YOUR opinion on the situation. What do you think would be the most advisible decision out of the following?

1. Search for an artist while filling the game with programmer art, allowing Mark to work on TimeKilla
2. Take Mark on as the artist for KingPong, giving the game a style around which he will be capable of doing easily, making the game fit its current time of development which is a schedules 3-5 months.
3. Take Mark on as the artist for KingPong, while having him learn more techniques to be used in KingPong, increasing the games development time taking up towards a year.
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