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Fixed point goodness

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Last night I converted the fixed point math class my friend wrote from C to C++, it turned out pretty good, you can use it just as if it was a primitive data type:

fixed fxNum1 = 32;
fixed fxNum2 = 2;

fxNum1 *= fxNum2; // performs multiplication in fixed point

fixed fxRoot = fixed::sqrt( fxNum1 ); // fixed point sqrt

float fN1 = (float)fxNum1; // converts fxNum1 to floating point
int iN1 = (int)fxNum2; // converts fxNum2 to int

float fRoot = (float)fxRoot;

Fixed point numbers will only be converted into something else when you cast them into either (float) or (int), as long as you don't cast them, any operation you perform on them will be done as fixed point arithmetic.

I also converted my Vector and Matrix classes to use 'fixed' instead of 'float' last night. So AFAIK they're much faster now, I just need to run some tests.
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