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Eternal Lands:
Today I make almost all of the preparations for the 1 week tests, and I guess that we will start it tomorrow, unless something special happens.
My plan is to get the update done first, and then start adding various items to the game on a weekly bases (adding them all at once is a bad idea, it is better to add them a few at a time, and see how they affect the economy). Additionally, it is better for the players too, keeps them interested in the game, wondering what new items will be available next week.
Learner (the developer that aquired the license last year) implemented a minimal auto update system that will be able to download files that changed and thenr estart the client. However, this will be the first time we test it, and it is not really refined.
And a big middle finger to ATI for not fixing their drivers. The frame buffer object thingy is very poorly implemented by ATI, it crashes a lot, freezes, etc. Not really nice, I wish they were releasing better drivers.

My other project:
Now I am starting working at the base structures. So far I am defining the data types, loading the structure definitions from files, etc. Soon I will start displaying them and actually build a base. Of course, I still have no art so I will make my crapy testing art. I will post some screenshots when available.
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Guest Anonymous Poster


Hello Raduprv, I am and indie developer and I have just finished reading your postmortem article on "Eternal Lands" and I have to say, I feel very inspired by it as I am making an ORPG myself. It gave me some very good ideas and advice too :D. Anyway, just saying best of luck to your latest project. One other thing, I have a good idea. Why don't you make it so if any exploits or bugs are reported and they are confirmed by you, perhaps the player who reports it first receives some kind of reward to prevent telling other players?

Best of luck to you,

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