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You know, you named the locations pretty well. I mean, nothing beats.. uh.. *grabs Eragon and leafs through to the map... which requires almost no leafing to get to...* Nothing beats the name Uru'baen. (I hope I got that/spelled that right, cause I remembered it before I even grabbed the book)

Yes, a lot of what I say is pointless, and pointless is a lot of what I say. ;)

(I'm annoying, aren't I? *serious: * I think you're doing great on the game so far. :D)

EDIT: Oh, and surprisingly, the map slightly resembles the map of Middle Earth in LotR... See, Mordor was on the lower-r9ight corner of the map, and I believe there was a sea to its east..

EDIT 2: And holy woah, there's even resemblances to the map of Alagaesia!

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