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Piece by piece...

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I'm still working on getting the very first enemy in the game working. It probably will be done tomorrow, which will be accompanied by a screenshot.

It's not the fact of working on this one enemy that is taking so long. That is misleading. I'm currently creating the entire enemy managing system, with one enemy type to test it out.

As I mentioned before, enemies are grouped based on their behavior. The first enemy in the game falls under the "guard" catorgory. These enemies walk back in forth until the player walks into their field of vision (represented as a SDL_Rect, just as a useless note). When they spot the player, they will attack. This is one of several groups of enemies that will be in the game.

Hopefully there will be a screenshot next entry. This is ofcourse unless I have to fight off a mountain of bugs brought on by the new enemy system. I certainly wouldn't count out this possibility.
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