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Shhh...I'm checking for Robot Guards...

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The first enemy is complete:

This is the robot guard. Basically, it moves back and forth until it spots the player, then it starts shooting. You can actually see in the screenshot that I shot at a robot guard at the same time the robot guard shot back, and the bullets cross each other.

There is, however, still a major bug with this enemy. When the robot is looking to the right it almost never spots the player, however when looking to the left it always spots the player. I can not pinpoint the cause of this, and I must have looked over the code for this enemy 3 times looking for the source of the bug. I'm still testing it though, so I'll probably find it.

One last note about it. Over to the left on this screenshot you can see one of the robot's remains that I've killed. When a robot is shot, it plays a death animation(where it explodes), but the remains of the robot stay on the ground. I thought that was a nice touch, as opposed to the robot just dissapearing.
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Alright I now you're probably tried of me poking at your art, but I have a few suggestions [smile]

1) Scale issues. Shouldn't the crates be smaller than stompy and the robots? Also while I don't know how big stompy is supposed to be, I would think a robot with treads and some weapons would be a little larger. Do you plan on filling the empty space later?

2) I like the idea of the robot sticking around after it's dead, but having it use the same image could get confusing. Perhaps have it look "burnt"?

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I just fixed it so both Stompy and the bots are bigger than the crates, and the bots are bigger than Stompy. I'll post a screenie tomorrow.

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I hope you'll have a two-headed robot in your game, and you have to knock both of its heads off to defeat it. I'm not sure I've ever seen that before, and it'd be super cool!

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I like that idea for one of the enemies. I'll make sure to write that one in.

To be honest, I'm having trouble coming up with good enemy ideas, so suggestions are always welcome.

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Enemy ideas:

Shielded robots - you can only shoot them when they are looking away from you

Window robots - add a diagonal upwards shoot and put enemies in the windows

Flying robots - same as window robots but they can move through the air

Mummy robots - robots that crumble to pieces when they are shot but reform after a short period of time

Multiple hit robots - much like the two-headed robot idea from a preious comment, introduce large robots in different forms that take multiple hits to destroy.

It would also be cool if you had an electro-grenade that when thrown stalls all the robots for a short time giving you chance to shoot them all.


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Thanks for the suggestions. The window robot is my favorite from that list, especially for the first level.

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