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I've been giving my player code an overhaul to handle all the new funky ways it needs to deal with this new combat system. All the ground based stuff is done; it's the airborne stuff that gets tricky. The head bop move, for example, actually pops you in the air a bit if it connects. The player code was a hackish mess a long time ago, and through various rewrites it's actually looking dignified. Today was one such rewrite. Well, rewrite is a strong word. I surely rearranged a lot though. Tedious isn't the half of it. But it's much better now.

Anyway, fun trivia: The Mighty Stoopid, back when he was called Sprig and didn't have the mask and cape (this was about nine years ago) was part of a T-Shirt design I had in mind; it would say SPRING across the top and WEAR along the bottom. Because, you know, he has springs. Springs, spring wear. Get it? There was also a sweater variation for winter that said "'Spring'? WHERE!?" but we won't get into that.

Anyway, here's a cute T-Shirt idea I whipped together in MSPaint. Supposing this thing is a success, maybe I should put some thought into merch ...

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