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Everything has a start, and so it is for my child dream to become a game developper.

I am a junior software engineer, and wanting this first serious individual project to be worth something, I have been reading stuff all around the Internet - including GDnet - and joined GDnet+ today to celebrate the kickstart.

So, following an article I read on GDnet, I am starting with that good old Tetris.

I am pretty sure I will have the game engine itself coded quite fast, so beyond the game itself my focus will be on the art - 2D sprites and anim, and music and sound effects. Precisely, I want my Tetris to be FUN. And I have some ideas on how I plan to do this - though I have no clue whether my ideas will actually make my tetris fun :P

Well, anyway, there will be some ongoing design doc somewhere at some point. I have made no real decision on my development process, but it will most probably be iterative all the way.

Some tech specs before diving into deep sleep:
- C/C++
- Code::Blocks / MSV Toolkit 2003 combo
- SDL for graphics
- still to determine audio lib, and maybe other interesting stuff to make the job easier

Idle 2D artists/animators, you're welcome to comment or give advice on the best tools, or even your availability if any of this tempts you :)

Bye for now!
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Welcome to Journal land! and here be some + to get ya started :)

Wish you luck with everything and, if you ever get stuck (not saying you will, mind you!), there's a lot of people here willing to help you along. [smile]

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Welcome Darkpanda and the traditionary welcoming with a side of ++ for you! Goodluck with everything.

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Welcome to the vast plains and forests that are GD.NET+. Best of luck on your game; I'll be keeping my eye on its development. :)

Oh, and here's your obligatory ++. :P

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Thanks to you all for your support ! It's always good to know there are people around dropping an eye...

By the way, what's with the "++" stuff ? Is that the rating ?

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Welcome to the gang! I'm definately interested in what you publish on here. Tetris is a big start [wink] .

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ya new gdnet+ members get a mandatory rating upgrade from all cool gdneters :P

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