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Finally reached a point of relative finished-ness with that Debugging article, at 7,792 words... but I've passed it around to a few people and there are already some areas that I need to add more on, like postmortem debugging and how to work with fullscreen apps. And that's just the folks who were in #gamedev and #graphicschat at the time I popped in... I've also unleashed the VisualC MVP community on it, and once I do the second draft, hopefully the Microsoft Visual Studio team as well [grin]

In other news, this evening we celebrated my brother's birthday, but oddly I was the one recieving a load of packages (mostly from Amazon - just stuff that had arrived at home since I left). As a result I now, finally, have my copy of Pattern-Oriented Software Architecture: Patterns for Concurrent and Networked Objects. I've just read the Active Object chapter - it seems that the renderer I've been writing is sort of an Active Object, except that it has an 'idle' operation (i.e. when the scheduler has no requests to handle). And tomorrow I will hopefully find out just what this elusive Monitor pattern is that everyone keeps going on about...
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Have you seen Herb Sutter's talk on Concur? Its an extension to C++ with built in support for concurrency that is based around futures, active lambdas and active objects. Hopefully this is what programming threads will look like in the future.

Concur. You need to view it in IE, Firefox won't work.

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You may have your Pattern-Oriented Software Architecture: Patterns for Concurrent and Networked Objects, but I got a lot more before dinner, hehehe.

My room = f'ing awesome after being up til 4am, finding places for 17 posters and other assorted presents, and thanks again for the expansion pack.

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