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Station shading and lighting models

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I've been working on improving the shaders and lighting model used for metallic surfaces ( like most of the station ). In the mean time, Shawn has textured and added details to the top part of the station, with a biodome. It's funny because he actually started to work on it before Shadowstar mentionned the idea..

Meanwhile i've been implementing the Cook-Torrance lighting model, thanks to the articles and help of Jack ( Jollyjeffers on gd.net ). There was a few typos in the equations, but fortunately it didn't took too long to sort out the problems. Unfortunately, i found that tweaking the standard Phong-blinn model gave results looking as good as Cook-Torrance, at a much lower performance cost. The main difference with Phong equations is the addition of the fresnel term, but that's pretty much all..

The first screenshot is a view of the gas giant system from a high distance. Nothing special, but i don't think i posted one like that previously, so here it is.

The two other screens are from the top part of the station with the new shaders ( you don't wanna see the old one: it was really horrible ). I'm still not 100% happy with it, but it's definately an improvement. Some trees should have been visible in the biodome ( top-most part ) but i'm not handling transparent textures yet, so they're hidden.

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That space station looks so much better now! Looks like metal rather than plastic [grin]

Interesting to note that a modified blinn-phong gave comparable/good results. I'll have to remember that one.


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Wow...you've had some great journal posts lately, your game is looking fantastic.

One question, are shadows going to be cast on the ring around the planet?

The station does look more reflective/metallic now, though it looked amazing before as well.

Really, this project is just astonishing.

- Dan

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You screenshots look amazing. Can we see a few bmp pictures? The jpeg compression really destroys some of the images.

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