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I'm a bit pissed off at brinkster right now. As you may or may not know, I was without 'true' internet access for about 6 months - I could only browse at work (which is not often) or in a cybercafe (which again, is not often). A few people have been complaining to me about many of my minisites (Manta-X, JSI, GameMonkey Zone) being broken. The issues were apparently with the database on Brinkster which I was unable to look at until now.

So I log in and find out that most of my tables are there, but not. Anything that was an InnoDB (eg: ACID) table is completely fucked - you can't access it, you can't drop it, you can't do ANYTHING with it but look at it's ghostly name on the Admin panel. After speaking with some dude on the live support applet I found out that a few months ago they had a server crash and all InnoDB tables were destroyed. "No problem", he said, "Just recreate the tables it'll be ok". Well actually no, pal, it's not ok. For a start, if a server crashes in a system you're paying for a slice of you AT LEAST expect an email explaining what happened, when it happened. This happened months ago and I didn't even know until I asked wtf was wrong with my database. Secondly, it's not ok as I've lost ALL of my data in those tables. Being a database-driven site many of my blogs, news posts and even page content is stored in a database somewhere and updated online by me. ALL OF THIS HAS BEEN LOST except, thankfully the first 4 of my GM articles which I backed up when I was playing with a query->xml tool I was writing. There's a few missing and they'll need to be rewritten.

Suffice to say, I salvaged the 4 articles and got them back up, but now I need to fix the issues on the DB that stop me from rebuilding the tables and indeed the microsites that need them. I'm running 3 live sites from that package, so a broken database is not on. The main issue now is "how do you back up content in a CMS system?". I will have to ponder that one.

Thanks for nothing, Brinkster. Pricks.
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Damn that sucks. You should find out where they're based and go do some "management consultancy" - with a baseball bat...

Good luck with repairing it all [oh]


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