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Lots o' stuff...

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Newest screenshot:

Got a lot of things done today:
- Attempted to fix the scale issues mentioned by scet in the last entry.
- Implemented a health system so neither the player nor the enemies die with just one hit.
- Added a temporary(and ugly) life bar to show the player's health. I'm planning to add a much better looking lifebar soon.
- Moved the level and enemy data from being hard-coded into external files.
- Implemented a new enemy called the BombBot, which is a walking bomb that explodes and causes damage (the left on the screenshot).

I'm planning on implementing two new enemies. One is the two headed robot idea suggested by mikedoty. A giant two headed robot will probably be the boss of the first level. The second is the window robot suggested by ukdm. This robot will shoot at stompy from the windows. This will give me the oppertunity to write a new type of enemy, turrents. Thanks goes out to them for suggesting some really nice enemy ideas. I'm not a very creative guy, so any help is always welcome.
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Guybrush Threepwood: Look behind you, a two-headed robot!

It's looking good so far! I like the "Bomb-bot"'s look, it's all looking quite cute.

Will Stompy be able to shoot diagonally or vertically to get those window robots? There's a lot of screen space dedicated to the buildings right now, but the game seems to be played at ground level.

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I perhaps might add the ability to shoot vertically. However, this would probably complicate the control scheme and the animation system.

Even though there probably won't be a default command to shoot vertically or diagonally, there will be numerous powerups such as spreadshots and heat seeking missles that will allow the player to shoot things not directly in front of them.

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As long as you can jump, you should be able to cover most of the vertical real estate well enough. You could have a move where you take your arm off and throw it like a boomerang, and it might either auto-aim for an enemy or just have a decent range. To balance this, you could make it so the main character can't use his weapons while his arm-boomerang is boomeranging; he has to wait until it returns.

You could also eventually upgrade it so that you can throw both arms at once: double boomerangs. (Don't ask me how you'll throw the second arm after you've already thrown the first arm! :p

I have an idea for your walking bomb dude, too. When he sees you, he should roll along the ground like a ball (since he is round) at a high speed in an attempt to blow you up. And maybe when he hits a wall you're standing by, he explodes (but the idea is to jump away first, of course). This could even be the only way to defeat the bomb dude, to get him to roll himself into a wall, maybe.

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