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Its a Montage!

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Sir Sapo


Hey Everyone!

I usually don't post in the middle of the day (in my timezone at least), but I wanted to show off some art that Mark drew up. Now we have at least one ship of each combat class (ie. Destroyer, Cruiser, etc), and Mark put them in a big picture for all your looking pleasure.

These are just some of the ships that will be available, and these pictures don't include non-combat ships. Anyways, let us know what you guys think, and I should post a longer post tonight with some more ingame shots.
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Recommended Comments

Those are really nice. Will the turrets on those ships rotate in the game, or are they fixed forward?

By the way, you mention the space fighter isn't to scale. How large those space ships will be with respect to the fighter?

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Thanks for the replies!

@Stompy - clicky[grin]

@Trapper Zoid - Yeah, those images are the static ones used for stats screens and whatnot, the ones used for the battle screens have turret objects mapped to them and the objects move to target stuff and fire.

If you look at the decks of carrier, you can see the "hangars" that the catapults come out of, the fighters fit in there, so that may give you a sense of the scale of the ships, although when you launch fighters from a carrier, you actually control a whole wing of fighters.

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It would be cool if the player could choose their colour and the pallette on the ships would switch to reflect their choice (the blue on the ships).

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Yes, different colors would be cool, but there's not really a good way the way they're draw to do that without having a 'flat' look to the color.
Besides I drew them with blue because I liked it.

-Mark the artist

PS. New ship tonight!

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