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The state of play...

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OK, so after some poking, proding, new line adding and a rather embrassing macro altercation GTL now compiles cleanly in my GP2x ARM enviroment, huzzah!

Technically speaking, this means it should also compile for Linux, however no make file exists as I cheated and use a VS05 custom build rule to make things go [grin]

However, right now I cant test the bloody thing as I'm short a 16bit bitmap to try with it and I dont have a tool to produce one *grumbles* So, if I cant find one soonish I guess I'll have to make my own.

In other news, Lua compiles fine as well, I had to poke a few things to change its default number from double to int as doubles would be insanely slow on the ARM processor. However, once that was done it too compiled cleanly, which was nice [smile]

So, hopefully tomorows aim of getting GTL tested on the GP2x will happen and all will be good with the world.

Current libs compiling:
- Boost
- Lua

ah, I love it when a plan comes together...
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I'd recommend Irfanview for image hackery. Heck, I think even MSPaint can save limited-depth bitmaps.

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yep, it probably can, however everything (Irfanview included) seems to only support saving as 24bpp or 8bpp, 16bpp appears to be AWOL [sad]

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Is there actually such a thing as 16bit bitmaps? As in, a standard format?

Speaking from my D3D/DD experience, there are several different formats - X555, 565, 4444, 1555 being the main ones.


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