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Preparing for the update

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Today (actually, late last night but still today) I put the update server and client patch online, so that people can test it.
As expected, many bugs were observed, especially a client crash due to bad map definition files (one entry to a cave had an invalid map id which caused the server to crash whenever someone tried to go there).
Other bugs were related to some typos of mine (for example, using the term reactive_weapon when it should have been active_weapon). That occured because I copied and paste some other item definition, which was reactive_aromr, so I just replaced armor with weapon. That bug took me quite a while to figure, and just a few minutes to fix.
Xerafax (the lead programmer for the client) fixed a bug which caused some objects in the client to dissapear, so now, one day later, we are ready for yet another update test.
I don't have much hope that this will be the final test, because I am sure many other problems will be discovered, but that's how things are done, one step at a time.

Unfortunately, until the update is done, I will not have much time for my secondary project. I am still looking for some artwork for it, if anyone is available.
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