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Right back to where we started...

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Okay so I finally got some time this weekend to return some attention to GC. GG release Alpha 3 of the engine at the end of last week so I downloaded that and updated my project files. My main task, however, was to fix what I wrote about in my last entry, which was having too few tile layers on the maps. That was a royal pain in the ass but I got it done. Now special systems and planets are controlled seperately by the editor - which changed a few things about how you edit maps, so it's actually a good thing I never bothered with that help text, cause I would have had to rewrite some of it. I think it's actually a lot more flexible now and I kick myself yet again for thinking of combining these two classes of game peices on the same layer.

I also spent some time fixing quite a few things that mysteriously broke since I last touched the code. I love it when that happens. Not. Who knows why but some stuff just didn't work the way it used to, and I don't think all of it was from me tampering with other areas. I may have screwed up a few things during my doco run over vacation. But everything's all fixed up and purring right along once again. It was a bit frustrating having to go back to the map editor in order to implement the extra layer, but at least now I can return to the game play code knowing that the maps function properly.

Oh yea and I also added tooltips to the mini conquest menu, something I had spoken about before.

Right right right, I'll shut up now so you can look at pretty pictures. Vultures [wink]

Here's a look at the two layers in action. Space dust and nebula both now appear under planets as they should

Here's a close up of a tooltip in action

Righty then, that's all for me. Stay tuned for more GC this week, as well as our first batch of IGF interviews hopefully!
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