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PSP - " Hellz Yeh "

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I am happy to report, no other pets have died in this appartment lately. For those who thought that was just extremly weird, I can only asume that you really dont comprehend what a 'pet' really is. I had a few buddies just laugh it off which really heated the situation up.

The good ol` semester is back in action and I can focus on things a lot easier since there is not one darn thing to do around this place and my girlfriend can not really distract me to easy up here! ;)

So tomorrow President Bush is heading over to Kansas State to give a Landon Lecture and the girlfriend and I snagged one of the few tickets (out of 6000) that were available. I am not a huge fan of his, but I do respect his position and the idea that opportunities to see one of the most powerfull leaders in the world does not come by everyday.

One thing that has happened lately is that Raymond has restructured our work a bit and while he does the code (which, really, he is 99.9% of the driving force behind the code; great job man), I am being moved over to work on the creative side of the house with some of the design work. We knew that coding was not my sweet spot, but we wanted to give it a shot to see how things would pan out. Of course it is unfortunate that I could not perform, but I think this will help both of us by being moved. I can go back to practicing on code (like I should be doing) and working on something that is 100% creativity. This basically means that you'll hear nothing about ProjectII from this side of the house; not that there has been a lot said.

One final note. I still have about 2 1/2 years left on my 8 year contract for the Marine Corps (4 years active, 4 years reserve) and the first of January I was promoted to Sergeant. Something I deserved a long time ago, but since I bailed out 3 months early to attend Kansas State, it never happened.

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President Bush came by my town last year, and it was quite the event, what with the sharpshooters and guys with uzis under their suit jackets.

Congrats on your promotion!

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