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Two in a day!

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Sir Sapo


Hey everyone!

Like I promised, here's the sequel to my post earlier in the day (which you should check out because it has some cool ships in it).

First off, I'll give you guys an update on the game "engine" (I hate saying that). As I said a couple of entries ago, I got a 'smart' cursor system working, so you can tell you ships to do stuff with just a click of the mousei instead of going through a menu. I also wrote an orientation system that will show the ship's rotation, which will come into play when battles are fought (blind spots, weaker armor, etc). Also in this screen is a line drawn from the ship you have selected to its destination if you were to click the mouse, this line changes color if you cannot move a ship to that location or not. I also wrote a custom text renderer, so once Mark draws up a sidebar, we can start outputting stats onto the screen, but until then, I'll have to use it to write motivating messages to myself[wink].

Today Mark drew up the first of the "enemy" ships(you can tell it's an enemy because it is pointing downwards[grin])

Well, thats all for now, Talk to you guys later!
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Yeah, although I did draw stuff like this before I even heard of Gundam. After I saw it, it was a big influence (especially Gundam 0083).
I Still like to add my own spin, though.

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I had a feeling it had some gundam influence in there.

It looks incredible, keep up the great work!

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