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My job just went from super-awesome to super-suck. They decided to roll out a new "secure" system on all the workstations, and now we can't even install Microsoft Intellipoint to configure our mice.

It's "insecure".

They even disabled the USB ports on everyone's computers, so now I can't even listen to music.


The worst part is, if anyone wanted to steal anything on our network anyways, all they would have to do is plug in an ethernet drive to the network and transfer files over in 5 seconds flat. So the new "security" is pointless.
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Maybe by "secure" they mean "now our lazy ass employees won't be able to install their own sh** and listen to music on our time".

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You can't listen to music because you don't have access to a USB port?

I normally don't like to imply that you're being a whiny bitchgoddess, but I can think of at least a half-dozen ways to listen to music that don't require USB.

Actually, I'm lying. I do indeed like to imply that you're being a whiny bitchgoddess.

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How? We have no cd-rom drives.

There is exactly 0 ways to get my music collection into my computer at work.

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Get an iPod...
I don't have that "security" at work or at university, but I still got one anyway.

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And, as we all know, people could not listen to music before computers existed.

I'll make this absurdly simple. . .

Step one: Empty your psyche of whining and replace the newly-emptied lobe of your brain a strong spirit of empowerment and self-reliance.

Step two: Couple this newly-found empowerment with a vehicle and travel to an electronics store.

Step three: At the electronics store, purchase an AM/FM radio, satellite radio, cassette player, CD player, minidisc player, 8-track player, turntable, or MP3 player.

Step four: At your next convenience, take the just-purchased piece of electronics to work.

Step five: Plug your headphones into said piece of electronics.

Step six: Listen at your leisure, smug in your knowledge that you have thwarted The Man's nefarious scheme to deprive you of tunes.

If any of these steps strikes you as too difficult, just re-apply step one as necessary.

You're welcome.

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Sorry, but I refuse to spend money for something that shouldn't be needed.

Regardless, there are no reasonably-priced electronics that do what I want them to do anyways (unless you know of a music player that can hold 250 gigs of music for under $200?)

And yes, the requirement to access 250 gigs of music at an instant is a must; you may think I'm comming off as snobby or arogant, but I don't care. I've tried many times to work in an environment where I do not have access to my full library of music, and every time, I find myself getting annoyed when I can't find a particular song that I want to hear. One minute I may want to hear a specific version of Let It Be (Album version, anthology version? Demo version? All distinct.) and the next I may want to hear something completely different.

I can't help the way my mind absorbs music. I can't explain why I work best this way and manage to get 100x more done this way. All I know is that it works, and I see no reason to compromise once I've found a system that works.

I didn't complain when they gave me the crappiest keyboard and mouse. I didn't complain when they gave me the smallest monitor. I didn't complain when they gave me a computer with a defective cooling fan that puts out sound at 64 decibels (although the guy in the cube next to me has complained already; yes, that's how loud it is). But I will complain about this.

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And yes, the requirement to access 250 gigs of music at an instant is a must
Okay, I seem to have a handle on the situation. . .

1. You are incapable of performing useful work without having thousands of hours of pirated music from which to choose and play.

2. The existing solution you have found for playing the aforementioned pirated music on your office computer is no longer available.

3. You cannot easily purchase a device that would replace the capabilities of the computer that you used to play this collection of pirated music, as you only have $200 at your disposal and such a device would cost much more than that.

As you have made clear, these three facts are clearly irreconcilable. The only evident solution to the problem is to quit your job and find new employment at a place where your original solution for playing gobs of pirated music is again available.

Either that or check your friggin' premises. I think you'll find that number (1) is just a mite overstated.

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