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## Help me please :(

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(This is a repost of my post on the forums, here)

I need some guidance here. I'm in a bit of a predicament here with my (former) domain, packetfrag.com. It expired and is now parked by name.net.

I registered the domain when I worked with a company called delrio.com, through delrio.com's registrar (bulkregister.com), so delrio.com was listed as the contact information. When the domain was abotu to expire, bulkregister sent a warning, but delrio.com got it, not me, since they were listed as contact information, and they didn't know who's domain it was so they let it expire. It was in a state in which it could be reregistered through bulkregister.com but I can't use them since they're for registering in bulk, mainly companies use them as a registrar.

Well, I jumped through hurdles trying to get it transferred over to me but it never got transferred. Delrio.com said they would but they never got the requests. It ended up going into a redemption perdiod in which it would have cost the OWNER of delrio.com $150 to get it out, not going to happen, as I can't even get my W2's from the guy.

About a day and a half ago it was finally released and name.net got it immediately, and now they won't release it for less than $90 USD. I did everything I possibly could but was unable to get my domain back.

Does anyone have any advice (besides get a new domain name... I liked packetfrag.com)? I was thinking of emailing them and explaining that it was beyond my control and telling them I will pay a reasonable amount (no more than $20USD) or I will seek legal advice. It's my understanding that they aren't doing anything illegal, but still, sometimes scaring is a good way of getting things done.

The fucking stupid part is name.net REGISTERS domains for $7.95 and they won't sell mine for less than $90 ... shitheads. This is extortion as it's finest :(

Is this domain squatting? Is it illegal?

I want my domain back :(
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